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Cocktails That Are Not Chill at All

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
None 8 Photos Room-Temperature Cocktails of New York
Shaken. Stirred. Set aflame. Smoke-infused. Tackily topped with dry ice.

These are the ways you’ve typically enjoyed cocktails.

But right now, our town’s finest bar folk are having dalliances with the room-temperature cocktail. They’re typically on the heavier, richer side. You’ll see sherries, cognacs, amaros and other things that are best sipped very slowly and carefully. Good stuff.

So allow us to present Room-Temperature Cocktails of New York, a slideshow dedicated to the attractive cocktails that happen to be prepared and served like they’re neat, with a little water.

Now that you know that, they are here in photo form, and at the indicated bars in drinkable form.

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