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By the end of this sentence, you’ll know this whole thing is about a great Italian date spot on Melrose with scrambled-egg-and-sea-urchin panini.

Told you.

But, more specifically, it’s about Spartina, a new place with pasta, chops, pizza and former Caulfield’s chef Stephen Kalt back in the kitchen. It’s now open on Melrose, here’s the slideshow, and here’s the menu.

Take a leather stool up front at the wine bar. Swirl barbera in your glass with studied purpose and ponder the mid-century-to-industrial balance of the place while awaiting your dinner date. When they arrive, become completely engrossing and irresistible.

Great. Now the two of you will glide into the dining room. It’ll feel like the chef asked you to a dinner party in his loft. He’ll be tossing your lamb sausage pizzas and wood-grilling your duck heart spiedini in the extremely open kitchen. Yep. Just the three of you. And a bunch of other people.

Of course, if it’s the kind of night you can usually expect around here, there’s a generously sized patio outside for you to observe the strange and sundry comings and goings of Melrose people.

Reach out anytime should you require additional patio guidance.

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