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Meet South Beach’s New Thai Mecca

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Things you need to accomplish today:

1) Make a reservation for NaiYaRa, the long-awaited Thai street food spot from Chef Bee, which, yes, is taking reservations now and opening tomorrow in South Beach.

Not a busy day, but an important day.

Anyway, it’s an open, industrial-ish space with a vintage-movie-poster-and-vinyl-album-cover collage in the breezeway. And an elephant mural at the sushi bar. And some repurposed traditional fishing baskets from Thailand sprinkled around everywhere else. Here, take a look at the slideshow.

Then, tomorrow night, lead your date to a red leather banquette next to the sushi bar. It’s a good vantage point for watching Chef Bee of Oishi Thai fame cook you things. As for what he’s cooking, you can go a few different ways depending on your mood...

If you’re feeling the Thai thing: crispy bok choy, creamy ramen noodle soup with prawns or duck in red curry.

If you’re feeling the not-Thai thing: salmon belly tacos, otoro nigiri or the NaiYaRa roll with more salmon belly.

And to drink, maybe go with a frozen something-or-other like the Killer Bee with gin, lemongrass-infused syrup and Thai chili. Or beer.

You’ve got plenty of time to think about it today.


1854 Bay Rd
Miami Beach, FL 33139


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