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Paris Built You a Better Espresso Cup

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
Turns out, despite the ubiquitous nature of that little white cup with its little handle you can barely grasp, it’s not your only option in espresso receptacles.

Nor is it a particularly good one.

We know this because Hippolyte Courty, the spectacularly named owner of Paris-based L’Arbre à Café, went out and made a better espresso cup. Which is a damn altruistic thing to do.

He analyzed hundreds of cup designs, studying their shape, rim thickness and how they feel in your hand. And now, all his hard work has paid off. For us.

It’s called Révélation, and it’s a perfectly round, sandstone vessel that enhances the coffee’s natural aromas and flavors while feeling all nice and textural in your hand—kind of like touching coffee grounds. So if you’re going to drink espresso, you might as well drink it like you mean it.

After all, you wouldn’t drink a fine cab out of a rocks glass.

Well, that’s not true.

But you get the point.

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