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The Scariest Saint Nicks in Movie History

A grown man who sees you when you’re sleeping and knows when you’re awake. No, totally not creepy, everybody. And tomorrow’s release of <em><a href="" target= "_blank">Krampus</a></em> puts an even darker spin on Kris Kringle. So just to further inform you of the imminent threat that is a visit from Santa Claus, here are the evilest Santas to hit the movies. Pre-<em>Krampus</em>.

Silent Night, Deadly Night

<em>Silent Night, Deadly Night</em>

An ’80s crap-classic about a young man who murders everybody in a Santa suit. He kills using a hammer, deer antlers and Christmas lights, among other things. And all because some guy in a Santa suit killed his whole family and nuns mistreated him. Jeez, get over it.

Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

<em>Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale</em>

An evil form of Santa Claus is freed from his tomb inside of an ancient Finnish mountain. He sends waves of his helpers to terrorize the townspeople, with some senseless reindeer slaughter along the way.



This Dutch tale finds the ghost of Sinterklaas rising when the full moon coincides with December 5. Utilizing old European Christmas mythology of a not-so-holly-jolly Santa, it’s a bit of a precursor to Krampus. So that rising? It’s with a vengeance.

The City of Lost Children

<em>The City of Lost Children</em>

The opening scene sees droves of mischievous Santas descending the chimney to terrorize a little boy. And the only thing worse than one bad Santa is many bad Santas. SantaCon taught us that.

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