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The End of Regular Jackets

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
You’ve got your early-fall cardigan.

Your bomber jacket.

Your fur-lined parka.

And now, the need for none of those because here’s Ravean: a line of almost shockingly convenient outerwear that can be heated up a lot or a little depending on the weather. It’s now available for preorder and shipping in January.

They’re pretty special, surprisingly nice-looking—and if you have any questions, now’s the time, and we’ve invented them for you:

Can you lay out my options?
There’s a couple of down jackets, a down vest and a not-down hoodie. The jackets have the 12V battery; the others run on about half that.

Where might I charge them?
Any outlet, of the wall or car-lighter variety. Charge up the battery and tuck it inside its designated pocket.

Cool. How do I adjust the thing?
A dial, inside another pocket—keep it on low, or pump it up whenever it gets cold. The jacket will take care of you whether it’s minus-4 or 55 degrees outside. Or any of the degrees in between those.

Say it’s a fine day outside.
Then treat it as a normal jacket, and use that tucked-away charger to juice up your phone, of course.

This jacket will be a stupendous help.
We concur.

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