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A Compelling New Bottle from the Stumptown People

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
Portland-based Stumptown Coffee Roasters has been up to something.

You probably guessed that it’s coffee-related.

But you probably didn’t guess that it’s a limited run of Grand Cru Cold Brew, produced from the rare Gesha bean and sold in a stoppered wine bottle.

If you did guess, well... nice job. Go buy a lottery ticket.

This stuff’s available now at Stumptown locations, so if you live near one of their shops, stop through for a bottle. If you don’t, ask someone to stop through for a bottle. And then have them meticulously package it up and ship it to you. You’ll send them a nice thank-you note in return. Everyone wins.

This project began in Honduras nearly a decade ago when the Stumptown people brought some Gesha seeds to a local coffee producer. And this year, they cold-brewed the entire lot, resulting in a coffee that’s “bright and clean, with notes of orange blossom, juice of papaya and a sweet crème brûlée finish.”

Their words, not ours.

We’d have gone with “tasty.”


Stumptown Grand Cru Cold Brew

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