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After Work in Flatiron, You Go Here

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It’s 5pm. So, dark as all hell.

You’re lost.

Frighteningly close to Murray Hill.

Worst of all, you’re craving a stiff drink and truffle gnocchi with no clear options on the horizon.

Big problem. Unless you find yourself at Tamu Lola, an unassuming gem of a happy hour spot that’s got both of those things... and other comparably enjoyable things, open now in Flatiron.

Once inside, claim the booth area to your left—the one in the shadow of Marilyn Monroe’s visage. Settle in and let visions of pomegranate-glazed shrimp and ajika-aioli burgers fill the mind. Now call someone over with the means to make them a reality.

Okay, cocktail time. Here they take the form of avocado-mint margaritas, bourbon-sake concoctions and other things that are incredibly challenging to choose from. Live music will be happening, too, if you’re there on the right day (that’d be Thursday).

As for the rest of what’s happening, well, that’s been thoroughly documented in this slideshow.

That was your cue...

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