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A Disconcerting Amount of Content About Coffee Tables

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
None 9 Photos Building a Coffee Table from the Ground Up
You probably don’t think much about your coffee table.

That’s okay. You’re busy. And we mean, it’s only a coffee table, right? Pretty random piece of furniture. Who really cares about a stupid coffee table anyway? You’re probably just going to put your feet up on it.

Well, we’ve been thinking about it. As a matter of fact, we’ve been thinking way too much about it. We’ve come to the conclusion that your coffee table is a pretty damn important thing in your life.

Here’s why.

A coffee table is like the shortstop of your living room, a real workhorse. It’s there when you really need it. While it may not set the tone the way a great showboat of a couch can, it keeps everything else in play.

But there’s the rub. It’s not just a utilitarian object—a convenient place for a good book, for your remotes, for your feet. It’s a statement about what you happen to value in life, about who you are as a person and what your overarching view of the world is.

Okay, yeah. We’ve gone too far.

Still, over the course of the next several weeks—oh, yes, this is going to be a multipart exposé—we will investigate what it means to be a great coffee table. We will build a better coffee table from the ground up. From the rug underneath it to the 10-pound art book you have on top of it.

But for right now, let’s just take a few moments to look at some very inspirational little tables people have put in front of living room groups to get a taste of what they can do.

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