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A Gritty Asian Joint with a Thing for Hip-Hop

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Things are afoot at the Thompson.

Things that are weird and wonderful and... we’re wasting time here.

Let’s just get right into Talde Miami Beach, a gritty Asian joint with an affinity for ’80s and ’90s hip-hop and, apparently, shipping containers. It’s open now. (Here’s your slideshow and here’s your menu.)

You have questions. We welcome questions. Fire away.

Talde. Where have I heard that before?
You’re probably thinking of Dale Talde. He of Top Chef and the original location of this joint up in New York. Good memory.

Are the rumors of crispy-oyster-and-bacon pad thai true?
Indeed. As are the ones about the pretzel-pork-and-chive dumplings. You’ll get to know them better while sitting in your shipping container booth. Yes, there’s a shipping container in the middle of the dining room.

Okay, but what does hip-hop have to do with anything?
Seems Dale and his partners are fans. In fact, you can probably make a few ’80s and ’90s song requests for the nightly soundtrack.

Anything to drink?
Sure. Wine. Beer. House-infused green tea vodka that’s mixed with cucumber and lime to make the Green Lightning. The basics.

Great, but what’s with that guy posing with two bikini-clad women in the poster by the host stand?
Oh, that’s just Dale.


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