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A Brandy-Spiked Drink to Raise the Dead

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
Back in the day—like in the late 1800s and early 1900s—it seems that people did a lot of morning drinking. So, sure, the lack of reliable electricity and running water would’ve been tough. But otherwise... pretty nice time to be alive.

These day-starting pick-me-ups were colloquially known as “corpse revivers” because they eased your hangover, thereby raising you from the dead. They came in a few different varieties—the most common being the Corpse Reviver #2, which mixes gin, Lillet Blanc, Cointreau, lemon juice and a dash of absinthe. It’s a fine drink and one that’s still popular today. So popular, in fact, that it overshadows its equally fine cousin, the Corpse Reviver #1. That one’s a mixture of cognac, calvados and sweet vermouth, so a different drink entirely. It gets the job done, though.

For the name alone, you should make one on Halloween. Or even better, on Día de los Muertos. Or even better, and in the spirit of the drink’s original purpose, on one of the mornings thereafter.

Call it a hunch, but you might find yourself in a state befitting this course of action.

Corpse Reviver #1

1 1/2 oz cognac
3/4 oz calvados
3/4 oz sweet vermouth

Stir all ingredients in a mixing glass with ice, then strain into a cocktail glass.

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