Long Con

Many Nice Australian Things

Bless you, Australia.

...for filling the world with sunshine and Miranda Kerrs and handsome webshops filled with fine additions to our closets.

Ones like Convicts, a site you’ll visit when you want new jeans or new jackets or new whatever else, but only if they’re from Australia. It’s online now.

This site (and a freshly-opened New York boutique) is the creation of an ex-Rolling Stone video producer. A guy with presumably good style. A guy who, yes, is Australian. As is everyone and everything else involved here.

On the homepage, you’ll find whatever they really want you to know about—right now, a nice wool hat from a couple of Byron Bay designers and some tobacco-cardamom candles. On other pages, you’ll find things like jeans and anorak wool jackets. A lot of fall-appropriate nice things, is what we’re saying.

There’s also this blog-like area profiling models and artists and people they like. Plus maps studded with their favorite brunch spots, drink spots and other spots.

You love a good piece of cartography. 

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