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Your Favorite Italian Charmer Goes North

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Sequels get a bad rap.

Just look at The Godfather: Part II. And Speed 2: Cruise Control.


On second thought, let’s just focus on Ni.Do. Caffe, a newer, bigger and more patio-optimized location of the MiMo Italian charmer, now open in North Miami. (This is your slideshow and your menu.)

Right, this is their second outpost. But this time they’ve traded the cozy confines of MiMo for a bigger space up north with a homemade-mozzarella bar, a private dining room in back and a delightful patio tucked away from Biscayne by a verdant hedge. Grazie, hedge.

It’s full-on Nonna territory in here. Fresh flowers arranged on wood tables: check. Antique furniture: check. Bottles of olive oil and wine lining the shelves: check, check. Mismatched porcelain plate ware: check. And you’ll enjoy said plate ware filled with octopus carpaccio, crispy scallop-topped pies and ravioli stuffed with veal osso buco.

There’s wine. Naturally. Labeled under categories like “Whimsical,” “Inspirational,” “Native,” “Esoteric” and “Sensuous.” So, you see what they did there.

Acronyms are making a strong comeback, people.

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