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Not a moment to waste today. There are cocktails to be made.

Discover Genuine Liquorette, a liquor store that’s really a partially DIY bar from Eben Freeman and the AvroKO folks. It opens Thursday beneath Genuine Superette in Little Italy.

You must have questions about this. They’re addressed below:

It looks like a liquor store. Can I just... help myself?
Yes. It’s called Rough Justice. You take a spirit down from the shelf, hit the service refrigerator for other necessities and then mix. Or not.

Will they still make cocktails for me?
Of course, if you like. They’ll also have five new ones every month courtesy of esteemed bartenders from around the world.

Have they invented anything to help me get liquor into my can of tomato juice?
It’s called the Cha-Chunker, and it’s basically that inverted margarita with the Corona in it, but for all liquors and cans.

Anything to eat?
Among other things, a buttermilk fried-chicken sandwich. Until 2am.

What’s with the corduroy jacket on the wall?
They’ll have cocktail classes here. You pass one, you wear the jacket, they take a Polaroid of you and put it on the wall.

Can I see some more?
To the slideshow we go.

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