Ergon Greek Deli + Cuisine

Going, Going, Ergon

The Grove’s Got a Legit Greek Deli Now

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And the Emmy for Outstanding Pork Belly Gyros in a Greek Deli goes to...

Game of Thrones.

No, wait. Sorry.

Let’s try that again.

And the Emmy for Outstanding Pork Belly Gyros in a Greek Deli goes to...

Ergon Greek Deli + Cuisine, a sunny little deli, market and lunchtime hang direct from Greece, now open in Coconut Grove. (See the slideshow.)

You’ll find a few of these already in Greece—but they’ve chosen our fair city as their first US outpost. And just about everything in this place comes directly from the land of the gods. Spinach pies, pasta, fava beans. Which bodes well for the next time you’ve got a gyro itch that needs to be scratched. Listen, Zeus takes his tzatziki pretty seriously.

So now you’ve got a lunch-worthy Greek delicatessen in your back pocket. A casual, sunlit spot with a shady patio and wooden tables for replenishing yourself with pork belly gyros, double-fried french fries in a feta cheese sauce and Greek-coffee cheesecake.

But they’ve also got a market in here, too. You can pick up a few souvenirs to take home. Like bottles of olive oil, jars of roasted eggplant and bags of Greek coffee.

It beats a T-shirt.


Ergon Greek Deli + Cuisine
2982 Grand Ave, Ste A
Miami, FL 33133


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