Tale of the Tape

Rumpus Room vs. Colette

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“But with Fashion Week over, where will the parties be? Where?” —You

“Worry not, friend. They’ll be here. And here.” —Us

By here we mean Rumpus Room (left) and Colette, two sexy lounges for dancing and imbibing and then more dancing, now open in SoHo and on the LES, respectively. Let’s compare and contrast them competitively. Tale-of-the-tape-style.

The Scene
Rumpus Room: Undulating oblong seating, the requisite plush crescent banquettes, flanked by palms and draped in a corona of neon light.
Colette: The bar and DJ booth is the focus upon entry. There are restaurant-style booths beyond that. Then, off to the left, good old-fashioned lounginess.
Edge: Push.

Rumpus Room: A more open situation in front, and a tighter one toward the back. Dancing on tables will probably occur here. In fact, we’d bet on it.
Colette: Open-format DJ action. The dance space is pretty tight (which... not a bad thing).
Edge: Push.

Rumpus Room: A prosecco-cocktail focus and a return to the pop art of bottle service.
Colette: A full cocktail menu and plans for a subterranean addition that’ll be even more mixology-focused.
Edge: Push.

Sometimes when you tie, you really win.

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