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Cold-Weather Things Out of Brooklyn

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
You feel that, don’t you?

That fall zing starting to settle into the September air.

And sure, today you’re probably just fine in your button-down, sleeves rolled up.

But tomorrow... you may have to roll them down.

Next week, you’re like, “Should I bring a scarf?”

By the week after, you may damn well be into parka territory.

And so, turn to Spiewak—more specifically, to their just-launched webshop. It’s got all the parkas, jackets, hats and such you’ll need all too soon, and it’s online now.

In 1904, way before it was cool, Spiewak’s founder started selling handmade sheepskin vests to dockworkers on the Williamsburg waterfront. Then they got into military outerwear and have been making that kind of thing even handsomer since.

Some edifying examples:

—A duck-down-stuffed parka.
You don’t want to need it, but you do.

—A fishtail parka made from 1970s-military-jogging-uniform material.
Yes, that was photoluminescent nylon material. Good guess.

—A wool-and-shearling bomber.
Picture the standard Navy bomber since 1940. Or Google it.

—A black satin flight jacket.
It’s warm and waterproof and really damn sleek.

—Various knit caps and scarves.
They’re like Grandma, in that way.

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