State of the Communion

Some Fine Wearables for Fall Transitioning

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
You’re about to enter uncharted territory.

A place few dare to tread.

A place we’ll call “that weird spot between summer and fall.”

But no, you’re not alone.

You’ll brave it with Communion, which could be the name of a respectable British new wave group but is instead a Portland-based webshop with more washed-denim shirts and geometry-themed sweaters than they know what to do with, online now.

Here’s the part where we provide advice through imaginary situations:

The Situation: It’s a weeknight. You’re getting tacos at Lone Star. It’ll be warm, but also not.
The Fix: A short-sleeved, washed-denim button-down called Men at Work. All similarities to a particular ’80s Aussie band are purely coincidental.

The Situation: You’ve got a date at Townsman. And that date has a thing for four-sided geometric shapes.
The Fix: A blue cotton sweatshirt covered in many, many little squares. And maybe a less weird date.

The Situation: You’ve been invited to the final Cape weekend of the season. You’ve heard rumors of a hot tub.
The Fix: A pair of striped boardshorts dubbed the Sin Layer.

Guess it’s going to be that kind of weekend.

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