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A Stunning Seaside Villa in India

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The first post–Labor Day weekend. Always a tough one, as you pine for the perfect weather, the hammock-ing and the overall beachiness of days gone by.

Good thing you have India to look forward to.

Yeah, that’s right. India. To the rescue with a little gem called Ahilya by the Sea, a tiny new hotel with eight suites spread across two Portuguese-colonial villas, now booking in Goa.

If you’ve ever wondered what kind of beach scenario India can deliver, here’s your visual answer. And here are three more things you should know about it.

The owners are connected. This hotel is a result of a marriage between the Prince of Indore and a descendant of painter Antonio Xavier Trindade (aka “the Rembrandt of the East”).

You should fish. Just request some bait and tackle, and you can cast for pomfret and kingfish on Coco Beach. Unless you’d rather just post up by one of the two pools. Maybe that.

You want the tower room. Any room will do, really. They’re each named after a painting, and all have views of the sea entrance to Old Goa. But the Tower Room is intertwined with an ancient beachfront banyan tree.

Also, “Tower Room” just sort of implies things.

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