Things to do for September 10, 2015

The Weekender

Cashmere, Manhattans from a Milk Truck and Frank Gehry

A true weekend never reveals its secrets.

It’s Wine from a Petit Trois Vet

It’s Wine from a Petit Trois Vet

Knock, knock. Oh, that wasn’t a joke. It’s just wine. It shows up every month—three bottles of good stuff picked by Ashley Ragovin, the wine expert you know from Petit Trois, Animal and Scopa. She’s signing friends up now for her new wine club. So, knowing her was a good move.

A Soft, Comfy Kit and Ace Pop-Up

A Soft, Comfy Kit and Ace Pop-Up

Cashmere T-shirts. Sure, they sound like a curious call today. But soon you’ll be standing on some windswept Malibu bluff or something. And your date will be cold and getting closer. And you’ll be like, “Glad I went to Kit and Ace’s Downtown pop-up back when it was hot.”

Through Jan 1; Mon-Wed by appointment only; Thursdays, 10:30am-5:30pm; Kit and Ace Pop Up Studio, 1308 Factory Pl, #102, Downtown, 844-548-6223

A Very Zemeckis Movie Night

A Very Zemeckis Movie Night

Before Back to the Future or Cast Away, Robert Zemeckis made a comedy with Kurt Russell called Used Cars. And your old pal Quentin Tarantino has lined it up at the New Beverly this weekend. It’s showing alongside Airplane. Which just made for a lot of italics.

LACMA’s Going Nuts over Frank Gehry

LACMA’s Going Nuts over Frank Gehry

A few things about Frank Gehry:

1) He’s made some crazy-looking buildings in his time.
2) He’s an Angeleno. A big old Canadian Angeleno.
3) LACMA’s doing a mega-exhibition on the man and his work for the next few months.

Thus concludes a few things about Frank Gehry.

A Milk Truck Full of Whiskey

A Milk Truck Full of Whiskey

Tenants of the Trees. It doesn’t sound like some kind of multifaceted Silver Lake bar where people drink Manhattans outside from an old milk truck before dancing to vinyl beneath swirling lights then heading back out for an art film. But it totally is.

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