Things to do for September 10, 2015

The Weekender

Rick Bayless, Lobster Rolls and a Tailgate Party

Da weekend.

Big & Little’s Does Wicker Park

Big & Little’s Does Wicker Park

You’re a nice person. You deserve nice things. And there’s nothing quite as nice as a whole fried soft-shell crab that’s been stuffed into a sandwich and conveniently placed inside the newest Big & Little’s alongside burgers and seafood tacos. At least nothing we know of.

Delicious Things Are Afoot at Navy Pier

Delicious Things Are Afoot at Navy Pier

Going to Navy Pier just got a lot better. Mostly because both DMK and Fish Bar just opened within a 3,000-square-foot area right next to the Chicago Shakespeare Theater. There will be burgers. There will be lobster rolls. There will be a strong chance of pre-Othello spiked milkshakes.

Let Rick Bayless Make You Breakfast

Let Rick Bayless Make You Breakfast

Rick Bayless has summoned chefs like Parachute’s Beverly Kim and Johnny Clark to compete against chefs from Mexico (and a bartender from New York’s Death + Co) in a celebration of all things Mexican food. What that means for you: breakfast, tequila and maybe tequila for breakfast.

Packers. Bears. Bloodys. You.

Packers. Bears. Bloodys. You.

Kroll’s is throwing a tailgate party for the Bears vs. Packers opener. Half of its parking lot will represent Green Bay territory with brats and butter burgers. The other half will represent Chicago with hot dogs and Italian beef. The Bloody Marys and beer will represent... mutually enjoyed consumption.

Today in Egg-Topped-Pizza Brunch News...

Today in Egg-Topped-Pizza Brunch News...

To address your immediate concerns about Balena’s new brunch:

—Yes, there’s the option of getting an egg on your pizza.
—Yes, there are Bellinis.
—Yes, egg pizza and Bellinis often result in romantic brunch notions.
—No, that’s not the champagne talking.

Sundays starting Sep 13, 11am-3pm, Balena, 1633 N Halsted St, 312-867-3888, see the menu

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