Brasserie Azur

French Connection

Villa Azur Comes to Midtown. It’s Splendid.

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Mind if we just go ahead and start the weekend right now?

Didn’t think so.

Run into the awaiting arms of Brasserie Azur, a charming French sprawl in Midtown for seafood-and-foosball-filled days that dwindle into rosé-drinking nights, opening tomorrow. (The slideshow’s right over here.)

The people behind this Franco-leisure spread: none other than the Villa Azur crew. Yep, same guys who throw those insane Thursday night dinner parties. Must’ve figured Midtown could use a little French savoir faire... and foosball (we’ll get there in a second). They’re not wrong.

The inside rivals the French-est of chalets. Exposed brick, stone tables and a pergola overhead woven with LED-lit bougainvilleas that change color. Great for a champagne-laden afternoon lunch consisting of truffled rotisserie chicken and oysters from the seafood bar.

But let’s say it’s getting late. You’re with a date. And you’re looking to enlist the services of a cold drink. That’s when you’ll take a seat outside, by the gurgling fountain. Order a pitcher of the rosé sangria or a martini. And move things along to the foosball table, where you’ll lock eyes over plastic figures waiting for action.

All’s fair in foosball and war.


Brasserie Azur
3252 NE 1st Ave
Miami, FL 33137


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