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Cheeseburger Baby Goes to Little River

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BYO-picnic restaurants should really be a thing.

Starting... now.

We’re looking at Cheeseburger Baby in Little River. It’s by the same crew behind South Beach’s infamous late-night patties. And it’s a humble little shack with creamsicle floats and a bring-your-own-chairs-and-booze option. Oh, and it’s soft-open now. Here, take a look at the slideshow and the menu.

You’d like to posit a few questions. Well, fine.

So, what am I looking for here?
It’s a black-and-white building with burgers spray-painted on it by Lebo that’s situated on a stretch of green lawn.

Easy enough. But where exactly am I sitting?
They’ll be putting picnic tables with umbrellas on the lawn soon, but until then, it’s available for your most creative picnic setup. So feel free to bring a blanket or lawn chairs—whatever makes you feel at home.

Can I expect the same burgers from their South Beach spot?
Yep. Along with bacon-cheddar fries and red velvet donuts.

Give it a few months. But they do have a killer creamsicle float.

Great. So I’ll swing by this weekend. Cool?
Not so fast. It’s only open Monday through Friday right now.

Anything else I should know?
Nope. We’re good. See you tomorrow.

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