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Stephen Starr Descends Upon South Beach

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Below, 14 completely factual statements you need to know today:

1. The Continental is opening tomorrow in South Beach.

2. But it’s not on the beach, it’s on a canal.

3. Which totally still counts.

4. Stephen Starr, professional restaurant launcher and the guy behind Makoto and Steak 954, has two of these Continental places in Philadelphia.

5. But this one’s a mid-century-modern throwback of a joint with hovering greenery, brick mosaic walls and mismatched light fixtures. (Here’s a handy visual for you.)

6. There’s also an outdoor patio with picnic tables, banana-leaf curtains and blue umbrellas.

7. But it’s way too damn hot to be outside right now...

8. ... and so you’ll go inside for your martini and/or something of the classic-cocktail ilk.

9. Which means you should probably order something to eat.

10. Martinis don’t soak up themselves.

11. But the cheesesteak egg rolls and Foie Gras “McGriddle” with fried egg, cheese, bacon and hollandaise on maple griddle cakes should help complement the aforementioned martinis.

12. There’s also Build Your Own Sushi here.

13. It’s a bento box filled with tuna, salmon, sushi rice and instructions on how to be your own sushi master.

14. Yes, that’s really true.


The Continental
2360 Collins Ave
Miami Beach, FL, 33139


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