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Date-Friendly Sake Drinks and Vegan Things

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Yesterday: exotic dancers on mechanical bulls.

Today: a bit of a palate cleanser. A metaphorical sorbet, if you will.

Okay, more like metaphorical vegan cocktails.

Yep, it’s happening at R+D Pop-Up by Jugofresh, a sit-down affair for date-night-friendly vegan paella and sake cocktails, taking reservations now for August 1 at their South Pointe location. (You can see the slideshow right here.)

If you’re looking for bacon-wrapped brisket fried in duck fat, turn around right now.

But if you’re looking for a charming, candle-lit setup with potted plants and intimate wood-topped tables to escort a herbivore-leaning yogi to, congratulations. Date night should go swimmingly. Well, until later this summer. That’s when they’re closing up shop. Then you’ll actually have to do yoga or something.

Thursday to Saturday. That’s when they’re serving dinner. It’s also when you’ll sit down at the six-seat marble chef’s table and procure a couple of port and sake drinks. Like the KP Social Club with shiso, lime and junmai sake.

If said potables lead to things like eating (it’s been known to happen), you’re ordering the Pa/ella with cauliflower quinoa saffron. And the butterscotch buckwheat with passion leche.

There’s always room for butterscotch buckwheat.


R+D Pop-Up by Jugofresh
40 S Pointe Dr
Miami Beach, FL, 33139


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