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Handmade Hats from Puerto Rico

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
About your head, we can say these things:

1. It thinks big thoughts.
2. It probably looks great coming out of the water in super slow-mo.
3. It probably also will look great under one of these...

Introducing, makers of handmade Panama hats out of... well, not Panama, but Puerto Rico, now taking orders for September delivery.

Nothing against your dusty old Nats cap, but these are an upgrade—the kind of woven straw numbers that are great at keeping the sun off of your face, while still letting the breeze waft over your head.

Oh, and they look good, too. Take the Plenero, a classic, tropical-style Panama hat. Or a short-brimmed trilby, lined in satin and branded in silk.

You’ll also find a cool little porkpie hat, perfect if you happen to play jazz trumpet. And the far more aggressive Sauvage, a wide-brimmed Panama that’s ideal if you happen to be Prince.

They’ve even got some colder-weather hats. So once your attention turns to wind and frost, you may want to seek out their straight-brimmed wool fedora.

Or someplace warmer.

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