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Burgers and Beers in an Old Tire Shop

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
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This place used to be a tire shop.

Which was great if you needed your tires rotated.

But less so if you needed a burger.

Meet Pints & Quarts, a friendly hangout for burgers, hot dogs and beer, now open at the corner of Greenville and Ross. (Check it out.)

Here you’ve got a retro, green-white-and-orange burger stand from the folks behind establishments like Mudsmith and It’ll Do. The patio’s sporting plenty of places to sit, and inside there’s a walk-up counter, bar stools and lifesaving air-conditioning. So it’s doubtful you miss the tire shop.

Now, about the eating. They’ve got lots of burgers ranging from simple to not simple, plus hot dogs (Chicago-style, chili-topped, a banh mi) and chicken sandwiches. Any or all of those things go nicely with cold beers. So naturally they’re serving cold beers—eight on tap and several more in bottles and cans.

And that’s it, really. Start eating lunches here. Bring some friends for dinner. Swing by after work for a burger and a beer. Reinstate snack time.

Recess, too, while you’re at it.

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