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It’s Sort of Like Blue Apron for Camping

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
Big camping trip coming up.

You probably have already carefully measured and packaged the ingredients necessary to prepare your famous fireside maple-mustard pork chops and spicy chili baked yams.

They’re just waiting in the camping drawer of your fridge.

Man. Huge waste of time.

Next time, consider enlisting Fireside Provisions: a company that wants to ship you every (edible) thing you’ll need at your next campfire cookout. It’s all available online now.

First things first. Yes, this is sort of like the Blue Apron of camping. Great comparison. Yes, you can choose from some packages or order à la carte. Options.

Anyway, once you’ve loosely planned a wild adventure with someone you like having wild adventures with, get to this site. Click around and let them know how long you’ll need to be nourished: there are day-trip, overnight and two two-full-day options.

Choose some tasty food things. And then you’ll just sort of wait around for your big box of tasty food-things to arrive.

Cranberry couscous crunch. Slow-cooked jambalaya. Smoky cheddar and summer sausage. Skillet-ready personal Italian-pepperoni pizzas.

Too bad they forgot s’mores.

(They didn’t forget s’mores.)

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