Black Flamingo

Flamingo Dancing

A Dancy Winner in Williamsburg

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Tonight is about you moving in ways you typically don’t during weekdays.

Music’s stopping by.

Sweat’ll be there, and, as usual, cold alcohol will be there to check it.

Should be a good time.

A time at Black Flamingo—part neighborhood bar, lesser-part restaurant and mostly rousing EDM dancing place. It’s open in Williamsburg.

The folks behind this suggest it’ll be a top-drawer weekend diversion. DJs from Soul Clap and M.A.N.D.Y. And some guys from the gem that is Battery Harris. People who know what they’re doing.

Now you’ve got two altitudinal situations to navigate. Let’s do it.

Vegetarian food. Hmm, cocktails, you loosening up, looking intense, getting ready to obliterate a (metaphorical) rug. Re: food—attempt the Guava Jam Grilled Cheese. In cocktail land, scan the menu, ponder a champagne cocktail, think better of it, and do the vodka-scotch-pear-brandy mistake called Barsch Pear.

Find the hastily constructed Airstream-style object upstairs. Then enter it and descend the stairs in your preferred manner. No bottle service or tables. Just a tight space to roam. It’s pretty gold down there. Really gold, actually. So note that. Then the rug obliteration commences.

Your dancing insurance should cover that, no problem.

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