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A Canyon-Inspired Hideaway for House-Smoked Pork

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You were right.

Macramé was bound to be the city’s next big restaurant trend.

Exhibit A: The Front Yard, a ’70s-hued Valley retreat for cocktails with some smoked pork from Bacara’s former chef de cuisine, now open at the Garland in North Hollywood. (Check out the space and the menus.)

Imagine Helen Roper were a gifted Westside restaurant designer instead of an oversexed Westside landlady managing a dwelling rife with riotous miscommunications. She too might’ve brought in some macramé, wicker furniture, day-glo mason jars and plaster stalactites. But really, they’re tasteful stalactites.

This will be a nice off-the-road retreat for a number of situations. Nutella-stuffed french toast with a pre-NBC breakfast michelada. Short rib burgers with adobo fries and house-smoked-pork quesadillas for lunch with ABC. Some Oaxa-can Happens (mezcal, Madagascar vanilla, agave and Thai chili) with linguine and Dungeness crab post-Disney appointment.

Or maybe you’ll just dine with a date before hitting Idle Hour. May we suggest the vast patio by the burbling fountain under a canopy of trees hung with glowing lights?

It’s patio-shaped.

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