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Build Your Own Ceviche and Beer. Nice.

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Those NASA guys.

Dropping that extra second on you yesterday out of nowhere.

The least they could’ve done was consulted with your lunch hour today.

Because you’ve got a new My Ceviche on your hands. Yes, our very first build-your-own cevichery has staked its claim in the former Latin Burger spot. And it’s open right now in Coral Gables. (Here’s the slideshow.)

You look... confused. Don’t be. The other My Ceviche spots that you’ve come to frequent aren’t changing one bit. Business as usual. The octopus burritos. The tuna tacos. The wild-caught seafood brought in daily. You know the drill.

Now, you’ll still find that last part here. In fact, they’ve got a board on the wall listing the day’s catch. But here’s where things get a little crazy: there’s no preset menu. Instead, you’ll queue up and start creating your own bowl, burrito or taco with the ceviche masters behind the glass. You’ll start with the aforementioned day’s catch (or chicken), move on to toppings (kale, corn, goat cheese) and wrap up with sauces (the lime-and-roasted-jalapeño mayo is a beauty).

Then, grab a local beer or give the Boylan’s soda machine a whirl.

Okay, maybe “whirl” was a bit much.

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