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Sushi Rolls the Size of Burritos

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Imagine picking up a giant sushi roll and eating it with your hands. Now imagine that’s socially acceptable.

This place makes it so: Buredo, a new downtown destination for truly unsubtle sushi rolls, now soft-open.

First thing you’ll notice here: it’s not really a place to linger. More of a grab-and-go play. Because there’s just one communal table in the center of the small room. But hey: there’s a cool chalk mural inspired by Blade Runner. (See the place here.)

And look at that: the menu’s on the same chalkboard. And hey: it’s inspired by Kill Bill. You’ll find a Hanzo roll (yellowfin sashimi, avocado, cucumber, fennel, arugula) and a Crazy 88 (pork shoulder, kimchi slaw, veggies and jalapeño). You’ll also find them rolled up with nori and rice, big enough to occupy your whole palm.

And that’s... basically it. Maybe throw some iced tea or wasabi peas into the mix. For now, it’s primarily a lunch spot, but they’re looking to add evening hours in coming weeks.

These rolls will seem like a better idea then anyhow.

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