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Jackie Brown. Dr. Strangelove. Thelma & Louise. They are:

A) The titular characters from films of yore.
B) Great names for your next goldfish.
C) What you’re drinking tonight.

Sure. We’ll accept “all of the above.”

But for C, you’ll have to make your way to La Moderna, your new source for crispy Neapolitan pies and cinema-themed drinking, now open in Sunset Harbour from the owner of Fratelli la Bufala.

The original La Moderna is located in the Testaccio neighborhood of Rome. Here, it’s got the Italian futurism thing working for it. Like a mid-century workshop outfitted with exposed ductwork, worktable lamps and orderly squares of subway tile surrounding banquettes. You can see what we mean in this slideshow.

If you’re going low-key, grab a seat along the long stretch of copper bar. Order the aforementioned Jackie Brown (it’s got tequila, espresso and spiced syrup in it) from your friendly Roman barkeep, along with a buffalo-mozzarella-topped Neapolitan pie straight out of the brick oven. But...

... if you’re going the date route, the outside patio and some osetra-caviar-topped spaghetti should work. That’ll go down nicely with a Thelma & Louise. It’s got rum and hibiscus-infused Aperol.

The Thunderbird is extra.


La Moderna
1874 Bay Rd
Miami Beach, FL, 33139


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