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A Barge Full of Beer in Greenpoint

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Times that are really good to be alive:

—When the sun is shining just the right amount.
—When friends are everywhere.
—When you’re on the water.
—When there’s beer nearby.
—And wings.

Places that combine all those things:

Brooklyn Barge Bar, a Greenpoint spot with a name that is in no way deceiving, opening next week.

As far as huge boats with bars, buckets of Other Half beers and skirt-steak sandwiches go, we’ll put this in at least the top three you’ll hear about today. Conservatively.

Look, it’s a barge. Not the prom queen of the seafaring-vessel community. No sugarcoating that. But think of it as a waterside-drinking deck, which is what it is, and it more than meets your weekend-in-the-sun-on-the-water requirements. Oh, and there’s also a literal waterside-drinking deck just off the boat. It’s got umbrellas.

You know what else it’ll have? Fishing lessons. And sailing ones. Hell, they’re even going to teach you to kayak. And just for good measure, they’re doing some kind of study where they put live oysters all around the vessel to understand how they interact with shade.

Right. A “study.”


Brooklyn Barge Bar
3 Milton St
(at West)
Brooklyn, NY, 11222


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