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Latin Food and Salsa Dancing in Deep Ellum

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Happy Friday.

We weren’t sure what to bring, so here’s something for everyone.

Meet Café Salsera, a colorful new three-meals-per-day Latin restaurant, coffee bar and danceteria, soft-open now in Deep Ellum.

First, the menu. And now, the slideshow. Good. Moving on.

It’s like a particularly well-kept Cuba in here. The left wall is covered in a huge Cuban street mural. The dining room sits under some decorative balconies, and the whole place has a pleasant coffee and pastry smell to it.

For now, swing by early to grab an espresso from the walk-up coffee window. They’ll begin serving a full breakfast on July 6, so... add that to your calendar.

If you want lunch, they’ve got that in the form of empanadas, tortas and a Cubano. And for dinner: larger plates like jerk-shrimp tacos, spicy Spanish meatballs and roasted pork with rice, fried plantains and black beans.

But also: dancing. In a couple weeks, they’ll begin hosting jazz and salsa bands on that elevated stage. The tables will be cleared out, thereby prompting you to knock back the remnants of your pisco sour and start moving your body in a rhythmic fashion.

Salsa: not just a condiment.

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