Storming the Bastide

4,000 Pieces of Art in a French Castle

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Think about your last hotel room. The bed: comfy. The shower: hot. The room service: prompt. The art: not exactly museum-worthy.

Here’s your antidote. A new hotel with 4,000 pieces of original art scattered across the grounds. Oh, by the way: it’s a 12th-century Provençal castle.

It’s called La Bastide de Gordes, and it also has numerous pools, a French garden and a restaurant run by a Michelin-star chef. It’s just reopened after an extensive renovation.

If you’re not familiar with Gordes, it’s the hilltop village where A Good Year was set. If you’re not familiar with that movie, that’s understandable. Just know that it involved Russell Crowe, Marion Cotillard and some seduction-type stuff. And it has places that look like this.

You’ll settle into a room that’s decked out with a dressing room, ornate woodwork and 18th-century furniture. And some of the 4,000 local paintings, sculptures and other works (yeah, probably a collage or two) installed here. Gander to your heart’s content.

But eventually, you’ll want to seek out the spa’s hammam. Have an aperitif in the French garden. Maybe dine at Pierre Gagnaire’s restaurant with terrace views of the Luberon Valley.

Which... could be a painting. 

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