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Off-Site Kitchen Comes to Trinity Groves

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Bad news: Off-Site Kitchen closed.

Okay, that’s enough mourning.

Because good news: Off-Site Kitchen is back.

And this time, they brought ping-pong.

That’s right: the second coming of the famed burger shack has just opened at Trinity Groves with cold beers and bar games. And burgers.

Here’s more.

Sitting is easier now. Version 2.0 has an actual dining room. One that’s adorned in all manner of Americana, including framed bikini photos, a motorcycle and a US flag on the ceiling. So once you order something at the counter, you can about-face and find a table. See for yourself.

They’re serving dinner. The original spot was lunch only, which didn’t help your regular 8pm burger craving. But this place... they’ve got you covered.

The burgers are still glorious. So are the roast-pork sandwich and fries. That hasn’t changed. (See the menu.)

Entertainment abounds. There’s a shuffleboard table inside, and the front patio’s sporting a ping-pong table, turf-covered bumper-pool tables and a couple mini basketball hoops.

Frozen cocktails. They’ve got several. Sure, you can stick to Shiner or High Life. But now frozen Moscow Mules and mai tais are on the table.

Take that, summer.


Off-Site Kitchen
311 Singleton Blvd, Ste 100
Dallas, TX, 75212


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