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A Comforting Home of Pork Chops and Drinks

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You’d cross state lines for some good bacon.

So a quick trek north for “sugarbacon” sounds both doable and necessary. 

Make a day of it at Sugarbacon Proper Kitchen, a real looker of a service station turned restaurant where you’ll find pork chops, tater tots and good drinks, opening Wednesday in Downtown McKinney.

It’s a materials gold mine in here, with bricks, wood, subway tiles and a zinc back wall with a big window looking into the kitchen. And running the show are a couple veterans from restaurants like Jasper’s and Stampede 66. So far, so good.

Go for lunch. Or dinner. Or go for lunch and stay for dinner, because the circular leather booths are a nice place to hang out with a few friends. And the menu’s sporting beer-braised short ribs and tater tots topped with pulled pork and pimento cheese. Just don’t leave without trying a plate of that sugarbacon, which is house-smoked pork belly doused in ancho barbecue sauce. (See the menu.)

If you like drinks, then you’ll like the bar. First off, it’s a nice-looking, copper-backed bar. But also, it’s pouring cocktails like the Maple Whiskey Smash and a rum-watermelon number that sounds perfect right about now.

Because it’s hot out.

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