West End Hall

This Is the End

A Huge Beer Hall and Patio on the UWS

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For when the One Great Scorer comes
To mark against your name,
He writes—not that you won or lost—
But how much precious time you spent on patios at beer halls.
—Grantland Rice

No, we’re pretty sure that’s how that goes.

We could argue about that all day, or we could all go to West End Hall, a large beer hall of the highest order that’s tacked on an ivy-covered patio for good measure. It’s open right now on the upper Upper West Side and it comes from the Clinton Hall guys.

You could read breathless words about its futuristic tap system, its high amount of tough-to-find beers and how it’s got some thick, thick pastrami, but it’s Monday, so let’s just throw it over to Bill Benson with the slideshow.*

*Bill Benson is made up. But the slideshow is very real.

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