Please Feed the Animals

Your Hotel Room Is in an Australian Zoo

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Disclaimer: You’re about to read perhaps the world’s most amazing disclaimer.

Please note there is a chance that guests may experience some disruption during the night as the animals move about their enclosures, e.g., the lions may roar throughout the night.”


Proceed anyway to Jamala Wildlife Lodge, 18 new safari-style rooms tucked amongst the animals’ quarters at Australia’s National Zoo & Aquarium.

There’s no catch here: this is a zoo, and you sleep in a room on the grounds. See some of your options here in the slideshow. They’ll fall into one of the following three “precincts”:

Jungle Bungalows
These suites have glass panels in the walls, so you can have staring contests with tigers, bears and whatnot from inside (including from the bathtub). Where you’ll undoubtedly look extra delicious to the carnivorous beasts.

uShaka Lodge
A lodge with a 200,000-liter aquarium, a pool and seven suites. Request the Shark Grand Suite. It’s on its own private floor, but, more importantly, it connects to a terrace atop the shark tank, where you can feed the sharks yourself. Hence the name.

Giraffe Tree Houses
A private enclosure that overlooks the Molonglo River. Oh, and the mouth of Hummer. That’s the resident giraffe you’re feeding from the balcony.



Jamala Wildlife Lodge
at the National Zoo & Aquarium
999 Lady Denman Dr
Weston Creek, ACT 2611
+61 2 6287 8444
official website


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