Things to do for June 18, 2015

The Weekender

Meatballs, David Burke’s Ice Cream and a Day at the Beach

The apple doesn’t fall far from the weekend.

The Summer Sale of the Summer

The Summer Sale of the Summer

Meyvn is having a giant summer sale, and they’re taking requests...

You need: something for the beach.
They’ve got: a dip-dyed, 100% cotton pocket tee.
You need: something for this rain.
They’ve got: a water-and-wind-resistant soft-shell jacket from Stone Island.
You need: a wool bucket hat.

Do you, though?

Ongoing, Summer Sale at Meyvn, 2627 N Kedzie Ave, 312-852-6012, and online (extra 15% off sitewide through Jun 21 with code “BIGPOPPA”)

Meatballs for Everyone

Meatballs for Everyone

You swore off the workday meatball sub. Too many napkins. Too many stained white shirts. But then Mondo Meatball decided to start serving lunch, and none of that mattered anymore. This has been the part about meatballs.

Wed-Fri, 11:30am-3pm, Mondo Meatball, 1467 N Milwaukee Ave, 773-278-5959

David Burke’s Little Ice Cream Thing

David Burke’s Little Ice Cream Thing

As a kid, you’d hear the ice cream truck’s jingle in the distance and race toward the sound. As an adult, you’ll calmly head to Primehouse’s weekly pop-up for to-go cups full of things like root beer sorbet and Goose Island vanilla cream soda. They don’t have a jingle.

An Extraordinary Day at Montrose Beach

An Extraordinary Day at Montrose Beach

You’re reading the UrbanDaddy Soap Opera Minute. “It was just another day at Montrose Beach, when... someone decided to roast an entire pig. And round up 60 different wines and whiskeys for a tasting. And set up some cornhole. All before romancing your estranged second cousin.” You enjoyed that. You did.

Couple Things You Could Do for Dad

Couple Things You Could Do for Dad

Competing for your father’s affection come Sunday:

Unite Urban Grill: They’re offering Dad cowboy steaks, plus a gratis bottle of their signature basting sauce.
Oak + Char: This week’s family-style Sunday Supper pays homage to the fatherly activity of all fatherly activities: grilling.
Your sister: She’s so annoying.

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