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Omakase and Robata from a Top Chef Master

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Two Top Chef–helmed spots in a week.

Keep doing you, South Beach.

Because here comes Red Ginger, an aesthetically pleasing Southeast Asian den for interesting Japanese whiskeys, omakase and robata-grilled wonders, opening tomorrow on 1st Street. Oh, and here’s the slideshow.

A casual survey of the land looks promising:

Behind that robata grill? A Top Chef Masters vet with a run at SushiSamba in Vegas under his belt. Sounds solid. So does the tiger-prawn-studded seafood curry and binchotan-charcoal-robata-grilled short rib he’s got in the works. But if fate is something to believe in, omakase is also an option.

That glowing granite bar sure seems to like its whiskey. Mostly of the Japanese variety. Rare stuff, too, like the Owner’s Cask Hakushu 1992 and the discontinued Karuizawa Kohaku.

It’s there for your next group-dinner thing. The U-shaped booths should help with that. So can the 18-seater in the middle of the room.

Place is pretty easy on the eyes. Bamboo-marble floors, a shell wall with brass sea urchins and limestone columns inscribed with Buddhist prayers inspired by Cambodian temples built 1,200 years ago.

Buddhist Cambodians: big fans of omakase.


Red Ginger
736 1st St
Miami Beach, FL, 33139


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