One by One

Like Instagram. But for Music.

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
None “Music is the soul of language.” Someone said that once.

He probably didn’t have Billy Ocean–inspired status updates in mind.

But that was before OneSong, a new app that lets you share your current mood one song at a time, now available for iPhone.

First thing you need to know: this requires Spotify Premium to work. So if you don’t already have it (why), you should rectify that immediately. We’ll wait.


Great. Now you can download this thing. It’ll connect to Spotify and then ask you one very loaded question: “What song are you?” Yep, real eHarmony-type stuff. But then you’ll have to answer. Maybe you’re feeling “Like a Rolling Stone.” Or... “Roar.”


After you’ve chosen your ballad, you can post it on the app’s feed with a caption. And when you do, it’ll display the song next to your picture for the world to see.

And from there, you’ve got some playlist options. You can listen to the current moods of people you’re following. Lend an ear to one particular friend’s feed. Or you can have a hashtag guide the auditory way.

See, they actually do have a purpose.

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