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Tacos and Margarita Popsicles on Gaston

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Maybe you can have too much of a good thing.

We’re not here to rule on that.

We just know that tacos get an exemption.

Case in point: Digg’s Tacos, a three-meals-per-day spot you can and should visit for two-handed tacos and margarita popsicles, now open on Gaston Ave. (See inside.)

You may know these guys from their Hillcrest shop. Or not. Either way, this new one’s doing some important work. For starters:

They open early. So if you’re up at 7am and craving a bacon-and-egg taco for breakfast, just ask.

It’s casual inside. Order at the walk-up counter, then find a seat at one of those wooden tables. Admire a succulent or two.

You’re here for the tacos. Like carnitas, habanero shrimp or a Vietnamese-pork taco called the Banh Jovi. But don’t sleep on the hamburguesa or the torta. Instead, eat them. (Here’s the menu.)

The patio. It’s nice. Claim a seat under one of those yellow umbrellas to absorb tempered doses of vitamin D.

They’ve got margarita popsicles. And sure, they’ve got four draft beers and some canned numbers from Four Corners. But like we said, they’ve got margarita popsicles.

And you could use about 10 of those right now.


Digg’s Tacos
7325 Gaston Ave
Dallas, TX, 75214


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