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Grilled-Octopus Pies and Bubbly by the River

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“Do not go gentle into that good night.”

Dylan Thomas wrote that.

And we’re pretty sure he was talking about having pizza and champagne delivered at 4am.

Pretty sure.

So call on Crust, a quirky charmer bearing countless variations of crispy pies, bubbly and delivery of said items into the wee hours, opening next Tuesday by the Miami River. (See the slideshow.)

This comes to you from Klime Kovaceski. You might recognize him as the chef behind Crystal Cafe. And now, he wants to make you some pizza. So he renovated a former paint shop and stocked it with an eclectic mix of chairs and tables, antique mirrors and an extra-wide wooden bar top for accommodating those pies. Nice guy, that Klime.

You’ll have a few choices to make. Starting with the size of your pie (a slice, 10-inch, 14-inch or 16-inch). Then, the toppings. You’ve got over 40 of them to thoughtfully arrange. Think: chorizo, grilled octopus, candied walnuts, figs. And listen, they’ve got champagne. Make that happen.

Now, about that 4am delivery. You’ll be able to do that... in a few weeks. And pretty much the entire menu will be fair game. Yep, including the wine and bubbly.

Two birds, one delivery.

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