St. Cloud

Cloud Mary

A Legit Rooftop Above Times Square

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Well, you already know it’s a rooftop.

Here we go.

It’s St. Cloud, the imbibing rooftop of record at the Knickerbocker hotel. It is open, it’s right at Times Square, and we’re just going to power right through that.

Now here’s what you need to know, and hardly a syllable more.

Charlie Palmer’s in charge.
Just like he is at the rest of the spots in this here hotel. Good hands, etc. Here’s the menu.

Even the hot dogs are Wagyu beef.
The word “overkill” comes to mind. And then the sound of nobody minding.

This is an indoor/outdoor state of affairs.
As any self-respecting rooftop should be in 2015.

The views are as seen in this slideshow.
It’s raining in the slideshow, but as you know, that’s not always how the sky works.

One of the cocktails is this:
New Amsterdam
Bols Genever, Carpano Antica, Amaro Nonino,
with a Nat Sherman 1930 Gran Robusto cigar.

Oh, right, there’s a cigar menu.
There’s a Nat Sherman cigar lounge that’s part of the rooftop.

So, yeah, just your casual neighborhood drop-in spot.

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