Things to do for June 04, 2015

The Weekender

Dancing on the 606, Food Trucks and So Much Caffeine

Are you there, God? It’s me, Weekend.

Just a Bunch of Caffeine Down There

Just a Bunch of Caffeine Down There

Coffee Title Bout time.

In one corner: New Lincoln Square coffee roaster Groundswell is doing admirable things to single-origin beans.
In the other corner: Black Cat Nitro from River North’s Beatrix. It’s kegged coffee with triple the caffeine and a Guinness-like foam.

Decision: everybody wins.

The 606 Opens. Now, Dance.

The 606 Opens. Now, Dance.

This weekend, a dusty, disused railway line becomes the 606, promising bucolic views, serene bike trails, tended jogging paths... and opening-weekend dance parties and beer tents. Because, as of right now, there are still no tended dancing and drinking paths in the city.

Jun 6, 10am-midnight, no cost, Opening Day at The 606, Humboldt Blvd (between Wabansia and Courtland)

Food Trucks: The Gathering

Food Trucks: The Gathering

Setup: How many food trucks in Pilsen does it take to satisfy your cravings for coffee, donuts, empanadas, lobster rolls, pizza, tamales and duck-fat Belgian frites, all set to the music of a mariachi band? Punch line: This weekend-long food truck convoy. It’s not funny because it’s not a joke.

Your New Seafood Hookup Has Arrived

Your New Seafood Hookup Has Arrived

You know that show Deadliest Catch, where fishermen risk life, limb and hypothermia to bring you fresh seafood? This new Wicker Park seafood shop is exactly like that, except not dangerous at all, not on a boat, not Alaskan-king-crab-based... but seriously, the fish—all flash-frozen—is pretty damn exciting.

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