Things to do for June 04, 2015

The Weekender

Suits, Ms. Pac-Man and a Rio Party

In the future, everyone will drive flying weekends.

Ms. Pac-Man and Pizza at a Brewery

<em>Ms. Pac-Man</em> and Pizza at a Brewery

You’ve got a hot date tonight. Her name is Ms. Pac-Man, and she’ll be at Night Shift Brewing for Bit Fest 3 along with a bunch of other classic arcade machines, 10 game consoles and food trucks. We won’t tell Mr. Pac-Man.

You’ll Probably Be Lunching Here a Lot

You’ll Probably Be Lunching Here a Lot

“I sure hope a Nepalese/Indian spot never opens in Union Square.” —Debbie Downer

Can it, Debbie. Because as of this moment, there’s a new operation called Momo N Curry providing you with all the buffalo momo and lamb curry you ever wanted. A lot, probably.

Two Chances for New-Suit Procurement

Two Chances for New-Suit Procurement

Shreve, Crump & Low: Is hosting Hong Kong/NYC haberdasher The Armoury for an afternoon of made-to-measure shirts, suits, shoes and ties. Neat.
Louis Boston: Is holding their final summer sale to the tune of 40% off before closing forever in July. Not a bad way to pay your respects.

And They Called It the Hangover Cure

And They Called It the <em>Hangover Cure</em>

There’s a chance you may find yourself feeling less than whole Sunday morning. We won’t judge. We’ll just advise you to find New England’s first location of the NYC-based cold-pressed-juice mecca Liquiteria for a lifesaving acai parfait and a smoothie called the Hangover Cure. They’re on your side.

Little Rio-Style Party for You Here

Little Rio-Style Party for You Here

Five things to expect at Liquid Art House’s White Night in Rio party:

1) Caipirinhas
2) Brazilian BBQ
3) An all-white dress code
4) Brazilian music
5) Gisele*

*We made that up because we were being jerks.

Jun 9, 7-10pm, $55, White Night in Rio at Liquid Art House, 100 Arlington St, 617-457-8130, tickets here

UD Hookup: Enter code “6LAHVIP9” on the ticket page for $20 off your ticket. Should make up for having to enter that code.

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