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Buckhead Lunch vs. Downtown Lunch. No Losers.

None 9 Photos Pho King and East Wave Fusion
Two new lunch spots are about to open. One in Buckhead. One Downtown. Both will accommodate your midday desires for noodle-y Asian things.

Great. On we go...

Let’s start with Pho King, pictured left and soft-opening Sunday.

The location: On Peachtree in South Buckhead.
The scene: A dimly lit and wide-open house of noodles with a bar made from cinder blocks and some framed portraits of Vietnamese women making tea and rice. Perhaps one of them is the Pho Queen.
You’re there for: 20 types of pho, like rare steak and brisket and tripe.
Unless you have a thing for: Vietnamese beef balls, as you so often do.

Now it’s on to East Wave Fusion, soft-opening next Wednesday.

The location: Downtown. Just sitting there. Waiting.
The scene: A bright and airy fast-casual place with a long communal table, giant floating orbs and a large-scale mural of Taiwan as presumably seen from a fast-moving car. Because it’s kind of blurry.
You’re there for: Pork banh mi and blackened-ahi-tuna sushi.
Unless you have a thing for: Bubble tea and cheeseburger egg rolls.

You’re good at having things for things.

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