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Seriously Spicy Fried Chicken from a Bouchon Vet

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June gloom.

It doesn’t apply to your fried chicken.

Somebody say Howlin’ Ray’s Hot Chicken, your new truck for Nashville’s face-meltingly hot poultry—it’s doing some test runs this week and officially launching Friday on Abbot Kinney.

This comes from one Johnny Ray Zone, an LA native intent on bringing us a particularly fiery style of fried Nashville bird called “hot chicken.” And he’s doing it just like they do it. Only, guy’s a Bouchon/Nobu vet. So maybe not just like they do it.

It’s Mary’s free-range birds with family-farm pickles on sliced Puritan bread that’ll be searing all functioning sensation from your mouth. Just pick between white and dark meat and choose your spice level. They range between mild to “Howlin’ Hot,” seasoned with ghost pepper and Carolina reapers. This slideshow and the menu will get you in the mood.

And that brings us to some important particulars. You’ll also find Howlin’ Ray’s every Sunday at Alibi Room and Wednesdays at the Brig. So you can enjoy a beer with your hot chicken.

Beer and hot chicken... you’ll give it the benefit of the doubt.

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